General Motors Introduces Google’s AI Chatbot to Free up Human Employees’ Time — a Forbes Company
3 min readAug 30, 2023

Key takeaways

  • General Motors is using Google’s AI chatbot for its in-car virtual assistant service
  • Google’s I/O developer conference confirmed a new enterprise tier for an AI assistant
  • ChatGPT now also has an enterprise option as companies look to monetize generative AI

The generative AI buzz has leapt into the automotive industry as General Motors announced a new branch of its Google partnership. The longstanding teamwork has now expanded to include Google’s AI chatbot being used to help with non-emergency OnStar features, which is the latest in a string of new AI announcements just this week. Buckle in.

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What’s the latest with General Motors?

General Motors has gone public with its generative AI partnership with Google. The move expands on previous groundwork laid between the two on implementing AI into GM’s OnStar VA system, with new versions including AI handling simple queries like routing and navigation assistance.

The move allows the VA service’s human employees to focus on higher priority tasks like emergency services response coordination, while Google’s Dialogflow will help OnStar handle over one million customer queries a month.

“Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the buying, ownership, and interaction experience inside the vehicle and beyond, enabling more opportunities to deliver new features and services,” said Mike Abbott, GM’s exec vice president of software and services. We don’t doubt it.

Generative AI is kicking off again

It’s been a big week for generative AI’s next step towards becoming mainstream: making the tech profitable. This week, Google’s I/O Developer conference announced another critical update for the company: a monetized AI suite for enterprise clients. Google’s Duet AI will cost users $30 a month, and the AI assistant works across Google’s Workspace apps, including Docs, Drive, Slides and more.

The move is a bit behind the curve, given Microsoft had already announced similar plans last month. Initially, critics thought the Microsoft 365 Copilot suite was too expensive at $30, but given that Google has copied the pricing, it’s looking much more reasonable now.

Not to be left behind, ChatGPT has also introduced its own enterprise version, which the market has been eagerly anticipating. The new paid tier addresses privacy concerns by the AI model not being trained on the data supplied by the user, as well as no usage caps and faster performance.

The bottom line

GM’s AI partnership with Google sounds promising for its customer base, so expect similar announcements from rival brands to come out soon. As the generative AI competition heats up, the next stage will be to see which company is making the most money out of its offering — and investors will be watching Google and Microsoft particularly closely, given their new pricing structures.

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