Unlock Q.ai Invest’s Factor-Based Strategy “The Tactician”

Q.ai Invest has a wealth of strategies from which to choose — and you have the option to swap or combine them, too. These include the Value Vault, the New Tech Economy and the Diversify & Thrive. Beyond the strategies that are currently available to you, we made a new, hidden investment strategy, as well…

While all of Q.ai Invest’s strategies leverage the power of AI to manage (and maximize!) your money for you, the Tactician is particularly unique. The Tactician is a strategy that navigates markets the way Tom Brady maneuvers the football field.

What is the Tactician?

With the Tactician, you can trade the the major factor driving large-cap stocks with AI and stop worrying about the next major market rotation. That’s because our AI is trading different factor ETFs that classify stocks into categories that have been associated with different factors or characteristics of stocks. Think of it as a novel way to experience factor-based trading.

Factor-based trading refers to an investment approach that targets specific drivers of returns across various asset classes. There are two main types of factors that drive returns: macroeconomic and style factors. Macroeconomic factors capture broad risks across asset classes while style factors aims strive to explain returns and risks within them. Factor-based investing can further diversify and, as such, reduce volatility to improve your portfolio’s performance over time.

The Tactician focuses on what the investment world calls style factors — value, growth, momentum, volatility and size — instead of just one, like value for the Value Vault. It dynamically rotates between these unique factors. So you don’t have to sweat whether “value” or “growth” is currently en vogue. Instead, let our AI do the work for you.

Plus, as with all of our strategies, you have the option to switch on downside protection, as well. Each one of our long-term investment strategies have an associated hedge so you can enable our AI to predict market downswings and protect your investments.

Unlock this exclusive strategy!

To unlock this strategy, invite three friends to the app. If they sign up using your unique URL, you’ll gain access to this strategy, too.

Remember, you always have the option to invest in more than one strategy. Multi-strategy investing gives you the opportunity to move money away from underperforming strategies to those with more opportunities. With this kind of flexibility, you can shift and reduce the risk of your overall investment. So why not unlock one more strategy?

Stay connected.

With Q.ai Invest, you don’t need to navigate the investment journey alone! Not only are we here to help manage your money for you, but we’ve also created a community of investors just like you.

In fact, we recently integrated our Discord community into the app, so now you can engage with others without ever having to leave the platform. Chat about the various strategies, like the Tactician, top stocks and ETFs, tips and tricks, and more. You can now check out our FAQ knowledge base and read investment blog articles directly in the app, as well.

Download Q.ai Invest and let AI manage your money with institutional-grade, AI-powered investment strategies — totally commission-free.

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Q.ai (www.tryq.ai) is an investing platform powered by artificial intelligence. Check our mobile app available for iOS and Android

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Q.ai — a Forbes Company

Q.ai — a Forbes Company

Q.ai (www.tryq.ai) is an investing platform powered by artificial intelligence. Check our mobile app available for iOS and Android

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