What in the Prompt? Companies Are Now Offering AI Prompt Engineer Jobs

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3 min readJun 8, 2023

Key takeaways

  • AI prompt engineer roles are now being advertised at AI companies like Anthropic
  • A Goldman Sachs report this year predicted up to 300 million jobs could be lost to AI automation
  • From an investment perspective it’s more good news for the tech industry as AI becomes part of the ecosystem

Did you know you can get paid to ask ChatGPT questions? AI prompt engineers are the hottest new roles in the tech market to help companies make the most of generative AI. It sounds too good to be true, but it could be the beginning of the job market changing with the dawn of accessible AI changing the work landscape. Keep reading.

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What is an AI prompt engineer?

Good question. Have you ever seen those Twitter threads with some entrepreneur saying you need to do these 348 things to get the most out of ChatGPT? Now, it’s a real job.

We jest. You need to know what to prompt AI with to get the most out of generative tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and others. That’s where AI prompt engineering comes in: someone with the patience to tinker with AI enough to get the perfect image output or answer.

The new job listings have prompted (ha) a range of reactions from derision to awe, but believe it or not, AI company Anthropic offers six-figure salaries for the roles.

AI’s impact on the workforce

An AI prompt engineer is one of the many new jobs we can anticipate stemming from the explosive popularity of generative AI programs, especially as they integrate with companies.

A recent Goldman Sachs report predicted AI could eliminate 300 million jobs with automation instead in the next decade, while two-thirds of workers could see part of their role gone to AI automation. But crucially, the report points out that 60% of today’s job roles didn’t exist in 1940 — and we could be facing the same situation now.

From an investment perspective, it’s another boost to the already flying tech industry this year. The more AI becomes ingratiated into everyday life and a part of the jobs ecosystem, the higher revenues will be for companies making generative AI tools.

The bottom line

AI prompt engineer roles might make you snicker, but there are likely many more positions we’ll see arise from the dawn of generative AI that simply didn’t exist before now. It’s part of the natural cycle as technology develops, and it’s even more of a bonus for the tech industry as it ultimately boosts their bottom line.

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Q.ai — a Forbes Company

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