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3 min readJun 8, 2023

Key takeaways

  • Early feedback from Google’s generative search testers is that the tech isn’t up to scratch yet
  • Google has previously warned its AI tech would make mistakes, after a costly marketing error cost the company $100 billion in the share price back in February
  • Investors are likely banking on Google’s captive search engine market to see through any initial hiccups with the tech

Google, one of the leading players in this year’s AI race, has left a lot of users underwhelmed with its latest generative search engine venture. Early testing has revealed a host of problems Google is yet to rectify before it goes public with the new search — but when it does, Google could become the dominant force in the nascent industry. Let’s get into it.

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What’s happening with Google’s generative search?

Last month Google announced it was giving the Google search engine, a cornerstone of the company’s revenue, an AI facelift. The all-new Search Generative Experience would use Google’s AI tech to summarize search results for you instead of you having to click on links to find what you were looking for.

All good in theory — except it isn’t, according to testers (it’s only available via a waitlist). Those who have used the new generative search have criticized the inaccurate results, slow load times and general error messages when trying to get a result.

It’s a crack in the armor for Google, which has been steaming ahead with its generative AI capabilities and throwing out AI-related announcements left, right and center.

What was the market reaction?

Google’s stock has still sprinted ahead this year, as have other Big Tech companies announcing new AI products. A difficult week with global economic uncertainty has left the stock down around 1% in the last week or so, but Alphabet’s share price has driven up 13.6% this month and over 37% since the start of the year.

And it should be happy that even if the feedback on the generative search engine isn’t great yet, it’s not wiped $100 billion off of the stock value like a marketing mistake from Google did back in February.

Wall Street likely isn’t worried about this latest hiccup, because Google has a proven track record of developing AI — plus a hefty 85% market share in the search engine industry. Once Google has ironed out the kinks, it could become the dominant AI company simply by rolling out the generative search to its existing user base.

The bottom line

Google has made some serious strides after a slow start to the AI wars. It’s warned of hiccups along the way as it delivers AI-infused products at a blistering pace. Luckily, Wall Street has taken that warning at face value and the stock hasn’t dropped significantly like the last time Google made an AI mistake.

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